Ges 96 – Management Consultants, Lda. begins in 1996 was created by three members, economists, and whose career gives total assurances about the quality of services proposed to be provided.

Having started its activity in a small office in Queluz, Ges 96 quickly needed to expand its facilities to another office, company property, located in “Urbanização Vale Mourão – Paiões”.

Between direct and indirect employees Ges 96 now has a set of professional skills that ensures and can give appropriate answers to the real needs of our clients.

Until now Ges 96 has been devoted all most exclusively to providing services to multinational companies with a medium/large size, having as company’s strategy the increase of our clients, namely international companies.

Currently companies our customers are located primarily in Lisbon’s area, and are scattered across many different industries, including distribution, retail and services.

Ges 96 seeks to differentiate its professional approach of what is current in the accounting offices, because it can make available to its customers a range of services that do not end in Accounting itself, but rather by relying on it, render true supporting the management of companies.

Ges 96 do not limit to meet the tax obligations of our clients, but in addition, we compile the information and we analyze critically and systematically making on alert to existing budgeting deviations to existing business reality.

Even today there are few companies in our market, able to respond, needs in differently areas as accounting, financial and tax area, areas highly demanded by multinational and national companies that intend to implement in the Portuguese market.

In order not to overload the cost structures of companies, we provide our services on an outsourcing basis. This method allows any company, regardless of size, to have access to a set of tools at the level of accounting, management and taxation that otherwise could not have, given the costs involved for the existence of able structures residents.


To have a true commitment to our client. To be an integral part, not as a mere service provider, but as one more element, qualified, integrated in the daily management.


To develop together with our customers a relationship a strong partnership to systematically to adjust our professional tools to true need that will be exposed.


Our commitment to confidentiality in addition to being express in the contract of services constitutes in itself a guarantee of our existence as a company.


We are full-time professionals. We work in an open mind and listening the voice of the customer permanently. We known the world in which we move and share professional experiences with our customers as well.


We do not want only to be the best. We want that the quality of our services always shows the seriousness with which we do. Just as we have managed to grow.

GES 96
GES 96
GES 96