Our services

Accounting subdivides in:

  • General and Analytics.

Processing of salaries that include, namely:

  • Monthly payroll;
  • Preparation of file to bank transference generated by the salaries application and sent directly to banks to making payment;
  • Submission of monthly remuneration files for the social security and tax authorities.

Legal and tax obligations, which include:

  • Delivery of all tax models relating to taxes, including those required by the Tax Authority and the Social Security.

Budget – Control that will be associated with:

  • Actual/Budge.

Reports and Financial Management support to cover:

  • Preparation of monthly/quarter reporting in order as the client’s business;
  • Preparation of account balance and P&L monthly /quarterly results;
  • Preparation of monthly/quarterly cash flow depending on customer need.

Monthly – Advice

  • Analysis of results, analysis of budget/actual and accumulated to date budget/actual, analyze the most relevant items of costs, gross margin on sales, etc.

Consulting Management, included:

  • Investment projects, including EU funds;
  • Project financing, including the analysis of financing conditions, as short and medium/long term more appropriate to the client and help in selecting funding partners, including financial institutions (banks).

Tax Consultancy

  • Optimization of all tax benefits to be in forced;
  • Optimization of the whole panoply of tax legislation to reduce, within the law, to the lowest possible payment of taxes.